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LinkedIn Selfie2018 LinkedIn Hackathon Winner

When we make new connections at meetups, we often take a picture together. LinkedIn is a great place to build and maintain those professional relationships. However, to send the photo to your newly met friends on LinkedIn, you have to connect with them first, which sometimes can be quite slow.

So what if simply taking the selfie on LinkedIn, and letting us connect you in a group conversation using facial reconigition technology?  

My Role:
Product Designer

Product Walkthrough

Here is the product demo that explains the story and how LinkedIn Selfie works. Hope you enjoy it.


We won the ShipIt award, which was the 1st place of the 2018 LinkedIn Hackathon class. The hack was designed and developed in one day, including video shoot and editing. So don't mind the lack of polish. :)  If you want to know more about my day-to-day projects at LinkedIn, please check out my LinkedIn profile. Thanks!

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