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Spot Chat2019 LinkedIn Hackathon Winner

LinkedIn's mission to make member's professional life more productive and meaningful. However, offline experiences, such as events and meet-ups, which is a big part of member's professional activities, are largely overlooked by our product.

By leveraging the Find Nearby technology, Spot Chat lets you build your professional community in those offline experiences via private conversations on the spot without all the hassle of connecting and waiting.

My Role:
Team Leader & Product Designer

Product Walkthrough

Here is the product demo that explains the story and how Spot Chat works. Hope you enjoy it.


We won the "Best in Show" award, which was the 1st place of the 2019 LinkedIn Hackathon class. The hack was designed and developed in one day, including video shoot and editing. So don't mind the lack of polish. :)  If you want to know more about my day-to-day projects at LinkedIn, please check out my LinkedIn profile. Thanks!

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