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iNankai iOS AppNavigating the campus life

In my senior year at Nankai University, I worked at a "garage" startup founded by one of my favorite professors. Our product was a mobile app called iNankai that helps students organize and participate campus events. As the only UX designer on the team, I helped define the user flow and crafted the interfaces for both iOS and Android. The app was well received by the 20,000 Nankai students and rated 4+ on the Chinese App Store.

My Role:
UX Designer
Completion Date:
June, 2012
Aifeng Technology, Ltd.

I lost the app screenshots with my broken hard drive (bummer >_< ), except the marketing poster shown in the hero mockup. As a startup designer, I did a bit of everything, including marketing and some backend development.

PS: The poster took a humorous tone with the Chinese 70's propaganda style, which is actually pretty popular among the contemporary Chinese youngsters.


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