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Augmented Processing TableDigital Archive Technology

The Augmented Processing Table (APT) project looks at the issue of organizing material in both digital and physical environments. In particular, this project pioneers the use of surface computing devices in the field of archival science. By combining interactive surface technology with Web-based spatial hypertext, APT aims to make the processing of archival collections more efficient, and enhance understanding of the best practices for archival processing.

My Role:
Research Assistant
Dr. Luis Francisco-Revilla and Dr. Ciaran Trace

The project looks at the role of technology in supporting graduate students’ ‘learning by doing’ – supporting decision-making, and enabling graduate students to better document their own work and to reflect on the choices made during the processing task.

APT also looks at the role of technology in enabling faculty to move beyond theoretical, lecture-based teaching such that they can better understand the nature and extent of learning that takes place outside of the classroom. Based on that understanding, faculty can give more meaningful feedback to graduate students about their work.

Here is our video demonstration presented at the Society of American Archivists (SAA) 2012 Annual Meeting:

UPDATE: We were honored to receive the first Archival Innovator Award, presented at the Society of American Archivists (SAA) Awards Ceremony, August 16, 2013 in New Orleans, LA. 

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