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World of WarcraftGame Atlas and Guide

In 2010, I dropped of college for one year to explore the world. And I managed to land an internship opportunity in Polish game company through AIESEC.

My Role:
Web Developer
Completion Date:
October 2010

The project I worked on in Gry-Online.S.A was to rebuild the Game Atlas & Guide for World of Warcraft site.

The site is essentially a comprehensive cheat sheet for quests and rare items in World of Warcraft. It is very data intensive, most of which was gathered from the client of World of Warcraft. And Blizzard didn’t make it easy. I had to reverse-engineer the data files with scripts written in C++. And some of the data can only be acquired by playing the game, which was the fun part of my job, and streamed the data down from the World of Warcraft server. To extract this kind of data, I also wrote an in-game plugin with a Lua script.

A fun story about my gap year while in Poland was that I took a bicycle trip for two weeks, which started from Krakow, Poland all the way to Rome, Italy. :) 

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