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Virtual Closet Design process at my early days

Virtual Closet is one of the Omnichannel projects from JCPenney. (Check out the flagship project of the consumer app redesign.) Virtual Closet specically aims to attract the younger demographics to the JCPenney brand and open a new revenue channel.

Virtual Closet received positive feedback from the company executives, as well as consistent high Net Promotor Scores (NPS) from various user testings. It was my first professional project in the U.S. with the mentorship from Lu Silverstein, VP Innovation at JCPenney. I was very fortunate to get full support from Lu and employed a highly iterative UX process, which is deeply engrained in my other projects across my career.

My Role:
Design Lead
Completion Date:
Feb, 2014
JCPenney Innovation Lab

The Design Process

Design Process

The Overview


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What Is Virtual Closet

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