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LinkedIn Culture VideosRelationship Matters

LinkedIn has one of the best company cultures in the country. We value retionships, celebrate individuals and have fun while building cool stuff. Most importantly, we design our products with the best intention to our members. Our mission statement was never lost in the execution. 

As a proud employee and a passionate cinematographer, I used my video skills to capture the awesome moments at LinkedIn.

My Role:

LinkedIn Designers

This is a video I shot for the last UED All Hands of 2018 to present a few of the genius minds behind the LinkedIn flagship products. We talked about who we are, what we felt the proudest of 2018, and we looked forward to in 2019. It was a lot of fun shooting the film and playing it in front of the entire design org. Later, the talent team even decided to put it on our hiring page, as shown in the hero mockup.

The Sweet Taste of Success

Some other videos I shot

Stranger Things at LinkedIn

At LinkedIn, we reward outperforming designers with a rockstar guitar. The guitar is awesome. But nobody knew any practical use of it... until one day... stranger things happened at LinkedIn SF office... and the rockstar, Chris Arrowood, unlocked the true power of the mysterious guitar and saved us all!

Btw, the guest star featuring the monster was me. lol

What We Appreciate at LinkedIn

A video that features our design team's culture, collaboration with other function partners, and the respect we pay to all the employees. 


Virtual All Hands during Covid-19 

We welcomed the largest number of new team members during our Messenger All Hands in the first quarter of 2020, but with a virtual format due to the pandemic shutdown. To properly introduce everyone, we asked them to record a video of themselves, and share one fun fact and their favorite work-frome-home location. The quality of the videos uploaded varied quite a bit. So I offered my video editing skills to spice it up.

Product Manager Recruitment Video

Besides my own design department, sometimes I help out my partner team on their recruitment related things, too (in my own free time [actually all the videos are edited in my own free time]).

LinkedIn Holiday Party @ Levi's Stadium

Celebration of the year, and good time to practice some camera works while having a blast.

Let the Ideas Fly - LinkedIn Brainstorming Session

In the Steve Jobs movie, Woz and Jobs had a fight. Woz asked what Jobs can do, saying he is not an engineer or designer, but taking all the credit. Jobs blatantly responded: "You are a good musician, but I play good orchestra!" Now let me show you how the orchestra is played at LinkedIn. And hope you enjoy my music. :) (PS: The soundtrack is by Joe Hisaishi and from the movie "Let the Bullets Fly", which this video pays tributes to.)

Meeting Presentation Intro

This is an intro I made for a presentation our team had at the LinkedIn UED Show&Tell forum. Just something to spice up the presentation before we bore the audience with a list of project run down. :D

LinkedIn Messaging & Groups Holiday Party

2018 has been a fruitful and great year for Messaging and Groups at LinkedIn. And we celebrated it with style ????with Mario Kart tournament, secret Santa, awesome photo booth, craft making and costume competition!

Thesis paragraph on the scarlet letter