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When I was at JCPenney Innovation Lab, I took two weeks studying the review writing user flow in www.jcp.com, and redesigned the whole interface with better usability and gamification elements.

My Role:
UX Designer
Completion Date:

I incorporated this experience in one research paper I wrote - "Concepts of Gamification and Potential Benefits for their use as Applied to Electronic Word-of-Mouth".

Gamification Research Poster Because my research was so good that my school decided to frame it outside the campus. (Just kidding.)

Here is the abstract of the paper. If you are interested, you can download my research paper from http://bit.ly/1MJXXXM

There is no denying the staggering growth that has occurred in the in the e-commerce sector. There has been a continual upward trend in retail sales made over the Internet. Current estimates place retail e-commerce sales at about $262 billion in the United States alone in 2013 and that figure is up 13.4% from the previous year. With such a large market, there has been a significant amount of attention paid to ways to increase sales. One of the areas that have received a lot of attention is the area of electronic word-of-mouth (eWOM). eWOM is beneficial to the seller and the consumer. The consumer learns about first hand experience from those who have used the product they are looking at and the retailer is able to provide potential consumers with information that otherwise may not be as trusted if it came from the organization selling the product. Any kind of review increases sales of products so the goal of retailers is to increase the amount of eWOM that their products receive. The concepts of gamification can potentially increase the amount of eWOM for products. In this literature review we will show how using certain game mechanics could potentially increase the amount of EWOM that products receive.

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